Thursday, 6 November 2014

L'Art De La Guerre

A new shiney set of rules has come onto the market, well, at least in our club, and it's got the Central London club all fired up about ancients again.

Its been around for a few years and this is the third version and the first in English.  Some of my club were involved in the beta testing and have raved about it.

The rules were released at Derby and our club in a surprising move of being organised got together to buy a job lot.  28 copies in all, which is most of our club who play ancients.

The rules are a mixture of  DBx, FoG and other rules, so, the usual size basing applies.  Its played at a smaller scale than FoG, so, your standard game of 200 points gives you three commands and plays in about two - two and a half hours.  Everything is element based so, you don't need the big battle groups that you need in FoG.

The nice thing about the rules, there are no expansions.  The rules include all the lists up to 1500 AD.

For £28, that's a bargain.

I've had a few games now and it's got me motivated to finish up some of my medievals and buy an Early Imperial Roman army for the club comp.

My initial games have been with my Medieval Germans, who are one of my favourite lists.  For the 200 points this is what I get

3 x Generals
5 x Knights
2 x Light Horse
1 x Cav with Xbow
6 x Xbow foot
8 x Armoured Spear
4 x Pike.

The game is played on a smaller size table, so the smaller army looks just right.

I like that I can take an army to the club in two small boxes, very handy while on the tube.

Few pictures from last nights games.  Clive had Medieval Hungarian and I had my Medieval Germans.

Game 1 to Clive and Game 2 to me.


Iron Duke said...

Ha! So the EIR will march again!
Ah - nostalgia!

Mike B said...

Looks a great set of rules to replace FoG!
Mike B