Sunday, 24 August 2014

Worlds 2014

Back from worlds and finally time to sit down. Been a busy week at work and haven't had time to do much other than fix stuff at work.

Worlds was great, martin, the organiser, put on a great event with a really good location and venue. The venue was bright and spacious, it was only a 10walk from he hotel and it had German wine on tap! Local red wine.......

I had six good games, four swedes, one 30years war French and one league of Augsburg. The 30years war French were my only loss, I had to beat Ben to win the comp and just couldn't break him. Should have pulled back rather than keep trying. Something for next time.

I ended up 3rd and extremely happy at that.

Now onto Rome!

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Iron Duke said...

Dude! Gaming! Germany! Third!?
My jealousy goes supernova!
My words are lost!
My pride is all "Aussie Aussie Aussie!"