Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fist Full of Tows weekend

This weekend I went up with The Madaxeman to Oxford to play in a two day Fist Full of Tows weekend.  FFT isn't my usual choice for moderns (Cold War Commander is), but two days of 6mm goodness sounded fantastic.

The scenario was set just after the first Gulf War, the Iraqi's saw an opportunity to capture several Saudi princes and staged a bold attack.

The game spanned four tables, with a port at one end, a city scape, air field and then open desert.

I was given the Iraqi airborne division and staged an air assault on the air field.

By the end of the weekend, the Iraqi's had captured all the princes but were surrounded by Saudi and US forces bent on freeing them.

It was a great weekend, good excuse to get lots of 6mm out on the table, including A-10s, Harriers, Hinds, Osperys, lots of terrain and maybe a few pints....  :-)

A few photos of the game

The airfield with the city scape in the back ground

The Port.

Tim, got a land a mechanised regiment from the ship and captured the town.

The city with a mosque

The mosque

 Flight KLM01 arrived with a small surprise, a battalion of paratroopers!  Surprise!

The RoRos arrive with lots of tanks

The refinery

Power station

The Saudi LAV-25 platoon in a defensive position

The air assault arrives, surprising the defenders and avoiding their cleverly placed mine fields

Another air assault, swiftly capturing the princes in the 1st class lounge.

The Saudi relief force arrives and rapidly dispenses with the Iraqi tank division.  Poorly trained troops don't make great defenders.  The theme rapidly became "RUN AWAY!!!!"

The assault on the city

The assault has landed

 The defenders get swiftly pushed out of the port


Francis Lee said...

Looks and sounded great bunny!

Phil said...

Excellent looking terrains!