Saturday, 26 October 2013

scifi paper terrain

I've been missing playing scifi as no-one in my club seems to play any scifi other than Epic.

So, I think, how about playing at home?  That and an urge to play Space Hulk again made me start trolling ebay to see what I could find.

Hmmm, £130 for a copy of Space Hulk, I soo don't think so.

I found on the DrivethruRGP site some paper terrain that I could buy and make myself.

Didn't cost much, only a couple of quid and I get a PDF  for 25mm "space hulk" style corridors, rooms and other generic scifi scenery.

I'm going to print some of this out, made up a few boards and play some Tomorrows War.

Now, what to fight against.....

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