Saturday, 1 June 2013

Star Wars

Damm you Tamsin!  :-)  I was doing soo well until she brought Star Wars to the table on Monday and now I've gone and bought a copy.

I plays really well.

If you have ever played Wings of Glory, it's very similar.

You can play scenario or by points and add in expansions like guns, pilots and stuff like that.

It plays very fast, we managed to get in six or so games in an evening, which is pretty good since none of us had every played the rules.

We even go the Millenium Falcon out for a run.

the Tie Fighter didn't last very long

Tie fighters surrounding the Falcon and the Falcon doing what it did best.

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TamsinP said...

Come on - you know it didn't take much to get you playing it, nor to buy the core set from Brian!

That last game where I had 4 TIEs taking on the Falcon was good fun - Seb was wise to choose Chewie as the pilot, given how many crits he was able to convert to ordinary hits.