Sunday, 12 May 2013

Campaign 2013 wrap up


We placed 2nd!

My results were pretty good, I only lost my army once, but that was against Alisdar, so, it was going to happen.  I managed to get 8 points off of him, so, have to be happy with that.

here is who I fought and the result

Rnd 1 Ottoman Turks, 13 - 7
Rnd 2 Caroline Imperialist,  7 - 13
Rnd 3 Settled Arab Stats , 6 - 19
Rnd 4 Hungarian Peasant Revolt, 15 - 5
Rnd 5 Ottoman Turks, 15 - 5

Five very good games, very tough, and well fought.  With each round only being three hours, you have to get stuck in and go for it.


TamsinP said...


I suppose placing 2nd could be regarded as a sign of incompetence ;)

the.urban.bunny said...


keeping up with the club motto