Sunday, 17 June 2012

Roll Call 2012 wrap up


That was Roll Call 2012. It was a tough competition with my score ending up at 29......

Game 1 vs French Wars Hugeunot 10-10 draw

Both of us lost 9 points but couldn't crack each others army. One thing to note, need to have some medium foot or something to protect my artillery.

Game 2 0-25 vs Mongols

Cav(S) and LH(S) everywhere. An absolute nightmare match up and it all went horribly wrong.

Game 17-3 vs French Wars Catholic.

The armoured keil and knights went in good and proper, tanking out a keil, pike and shot unit, baggage and pretty much mauled one flank. Jon's Swiss pummelled my other knight unit and started a two way fight with my other keil. Good proper game

Game 4 3-22 vs Tartars

See the post re the Mongols but there were some bow who I got to get my knights into .

Another knightmare match up. I really hate cav/light horse armies......

So, the verdict, the imperial Austrians are fun , need to change what I bring I. Though. Not enough shooting, so, need to ditch I think the 2nd keil and have more shoots cav. This will allow me to play with the other cav armies and not have soon many of my points stuck in slow troops. Have to say though, the keil don't die easily.

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Iron Duke said...

A good effort! I'm surprised that the horsey Mongolian-type armies would do so well against a Pike and Shot army. There may be hope for my getting into FoGR yet! :)

How are we going to get you back from that country where there are so many good comps through the year?