Tuesday, 31 May 2011

6mm Modern British

Here is my British army for Cold War Commander. I've found a few guys at the club who are keen for a bit of modern day action. We are focusing on the the end of the cold war period so ATGW is still effective.

The figures are from Heroics and Ross. They are not as detailed as GHQ, but they are cheap and heck on the table top you don't notice.

Lynx attack helicopter


Commander in Chief

Forward Air Observer

The army



Iron Duke said...


Good to see you're getting a bit fancy with the attention on the bases as well! Very noice!

Iron Duke said...

Are they those pre-cut bases?

the.urban.bunny said...

Yup, pre cut bases all the way.

I can pick up mdf bases reasonably cheap and they lookma heck of a lot better

sebastosfig said...

I've ordered my French army, well, part of it anyway