Tuesday, 15 March 2011

eBay is a bad bad place

I was trolling thru eBay and saw a couple of things that I liked. I chucked a couple of bids thinking I didn't have a chance........

I picked up;

1 x 15mm English Civil War army for FoGR
1 x F-14
1 x F-16
1 x F-15
1 x AH-64
1 x Hind
1 x Leopard II
1 x BTR
1 x BMP
2 x T-64s

All that for £50!

Photos to come


Iron Duke said...

I recently got burned on eBay :( Tried to buy a 32Gb micro SD card for the droid, but the buyer was a shonkster and cut n run. By the time I realised, I had missed the Paypal window for redemption :(
Not a huge loss, but not happy. Live n learn...

Iron Duke said...

'Seller', the seller was a shonkster, not the buyer. The buyer was a gumby...