Sunday, 20 February 2011

Burton doubles comp

Went up to Burton this weekend to play a doubled FoG comp and placed ninth! We ended up with 62 points and the winner was on 72, so we were in there with a chance.

Good comp all round.

Opponents an scores were

Rnd 1 100 years English 9-11
Rnd 2 Medieval French 23-2
Rnd 3 Catalan company 7-13
Rnd 4 Middle Hungarians 24-1

Woot! Didn't lose the army at all and the draws were tight games. The English battle was a blood bath with them poising 12 of 15 battle groups and us 14 of 16.

1 comment:

Iron Duke said...

Cool! Well done!
Photo - or it didn't happen!
Must have been satisfying to smack the French down - it usually is ;)

and Middle Hungarians - wasn't that the army you had a crack at with all the LH in it?