Sunday, 4 April 2010

Challenge @ Ascot

Just got back from the Challenge Field of Glory competition at Ascott. I managed to get nine games over three days (four practice and five comp games) and ended up with two wins, two loses and a draw.


Rnd 1 Timurids , result Win
Rnd 2 Hun Chinese, result Lose
Rnd 3 Santa Maria de Hermandid. Draw. It wasn't for lack of trying, both of us just couldn't break each other.
Rnd 4 Arab Conquest, result Lose
Rnd 5 Ottoman Turks, result Win

I am pretty happy with the results. I lost against the Hun Chinese and Arab Conquest due to the mass of supported foot who I could not break. In the end, I got pushed to the end of the table and got crushed. As a skirmisher army, they were my worst nightmare. Time to rethink all of the light foot, they worked well, but I think that four battle groups of them was a bit too much. Maybe got for just a couple and have more real troops.

The comp was nice and relaxed with a pint of beer for 2 quid, so, you have to be happy with that.

I'll be back next year.

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