Friday, 25 December 2009

Ambush Alley

Well, I have the 15mm bug big time. I've gone and bought Ambush Alley to be able to play some small skirmish games in 15mm. The rules look good and you don't need to have too many figures to play a game. I found a vendor called Rebel Minis who do a starter pack for Ambush Alley. For $25, you get a bunch of masked terrorists/militia and a 12 or so special force troops. I've got some on order and they should be here in a few weeks.

A couple of nice things about the rules is that you can play them solo and the table size is either only 2x2 or 4x4 so, I can play it home and practice.

Looking forward to playing the rules. Gives me an excuse to go hunt down 15mm figures, helicopters and vehicles. I can see a few conversions coming up involving Toyata Hilux trucks and machine guns.

Link to the rules

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