Wednesday, 18 November 2009

FoG competition in Milan

Woot! Two wins and two loses! The Middle Hungarians had their debut at the FoG competition in Milan and worked well. I had four games over the two days and they were really good games. There was much haggling in Italian, coffee and Moretti beer on hand, so, how could it go wrong?

One thing to note, poor troops are not combat troops. Since they break once they have lost 33% of their battle group, keep them away from mounted. My poor foot skirmishers got ridden over on more than one occasion as they got caught in the open by light horse. It wasn't pretty.

Photos to come.


Iron Duke said...

"Poor troops are not combat troops"
uh - yeah... I keep telling you that! :)
...and you still keep trying to plug holes in your line with those archers that are more of a danger to their own eyes and ears than the enemy! :)

Iron Duke said...

Oh - and congrats on the results, of course :)

Wish I could have been there... *sad face* :(