Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Britcon Battle 5 Early Frankish

Another winning draw due to time out. The Germans went in and picked a fight and won. This is where some Cav would have been good as I needed to have some fast troops to punch thru and sack his baggage. My opponent had 15 battle groups and I managed to get 14 points, so, I just needed his baggage for a win.

Was a great game and a lot of fun. His impact foot were rather scarey and I spent a lot of time moving my foot into a position where I could charge them without their impact foot status.

The Frankish Line

The German Knights line up against the Frankish Cav

The German knights breaking thru the Frankish Cav

Two turns later, the german knights and spear went intothe heavy foot. My opponent then rolled triple one for the impact phase cohesion test and death roll. By the end of the turn, the heavy foot had routed and caused the heavy foot next to it to fail their tests.

We ran out of time but not for lack of trying

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